Revisiting 再访

DATE: Apr-May, 2021,
      Sep- Dec, 2021
DURATION: 5 weeks, 12 weeks
This project focuses on strong interaction with the reader. Through this build your own adventure game, the audience experience an ordinary but wired trip because the special narrative makes an everyday scene surreal. By the end where the sentences are twisted or covered, the audience still get the content because of its repetition. This book tries to tell the audience the power of language and how we may communicate beyond languages.

The revised version after the final crit changes the theme with a new title Revisiting.
For this one, I focus on expressing how time is a subjective perception. Revisiting some sites that you've been to gives you a flashback experience. You have this very clear memory of this place, but those events took place 10 years ago. Going through this space-time interweaving adventure, I wish the audience get comforted and meditated.

An online version is created for a better experience for people who do not have access to physical copies.