Process Book 2023

DATE: April, 2023
DURATION: 5 weeks
Throughout my undergrad graphic design study, I learned how to make a logo, a poster, an interface, and all other graphic design essentials. My classmates and I stuck our heads in the graphic design hole, frantically studying every design detail and reasoning. I practice, then I learn.

At one moment, I looked up, and saw the borderless world around me, noticing how wide the design canon was. My passions then shifted from digging into graphic design to questioning what else is considered design. I wondered what are other perspectives to approach design. I also wondered how printing techniques and digital platforms impact my design communication. I learn, then I practice. Taking a closer look at my creative process, I can’t help but relate it to my own reflections as a creator and as a person.

The creative process is a painful journey full of self-torture even if my goal was to make something joyful and playful. This publication is a research compilation, a portfolio, a behind-the-scenes book, and a reflection on my work as well as yself.