MFA 2023 Exhibition Branding & Website

DATE: Nov,2022-April, 2023
DURATION: 16 weeks
POSITION: UI/UX Designer, Branding Designer

In collaboration with:Annabella Pugliese, Sophia Viviano, and Lucy Zou
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Sleboda, Associate Professor of Art, Graphic Design
Edited by Bryne Rasmussen
Branding towrds organic connections

As part of the MFA 2023 Exhibition branding, the website serves as an online
catalog that contains works of all graduating BU MFA Graphic Design, Painting, and Sculpture students for sharing and reviewing. The website is coded based on a Cargo template. Available for desktop and mobile.

As for the branding design of this exhibition, I participated as a creative designer conceptualizing the theme and logo of the exhibition.